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Securities Trading

Service Offerings
  • Money Market
  • Fixed Income
  • Currencies
  • Variable Income Opportunities

We provide insights and best execution services to help our clients invest and trade in wide range of asset classes such as variable income instruments, fixed income instruments, currencies, money market instruments, commodities and structured products. Our securities trading business provides access to both primary and secondary markets opportunities. We work closely with our clients to offer distribution channel and financing for new issues and secondary trades.

Our sales and trading professionals help investors find new opportunities in global emerging economies. Our team’s deep local market expertise allows them to assess market risk and access local exchanges to help clients deal with the complexities of international transactions

Asset Classes

    1. Bonds
    2. Treasury Bills
    3. Currencies
    4. Variable Income Instruments

Structured Products

    1. Exchange Traded Products
    2. Energy Crude (Brent, Coal)
    3. Precious Metals (Gold, Silver)
    4. Base Metals (Copper, Aluminium, Zinc)
    5. Convertibles

Sales, Distribution & Financings

    1. Brokerage
    2. Placements
    3. Financings
Credit Trading

    1. Corporate Bonds
    2. Credit Default Swaps
    3. Credit Linked Notes
    4. Leveraged Credit Linked Notes
    5. Total Return Swaps
    6. Derivative Products